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Welcome to our CUAAASC website. Founded 4 years ago, the Chinese University of Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California (CUAAASC) has 64 members of Chinese Universities to date and around 50,000 alumni.  Most of our members are professionals in their perspective fields.  The mission of CUAAASC is to provide a platform for alumni of member universities, to increase benefits for the alumni, to encourage activities in the communities, and to protect basic right for Chinese community.  We also participate in southern California community activities and serve the Chinese-American community and scientific/professional community.  We encourage you to join us to make our course better, and make our community better.  We are together to make our voice stronger.

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                  Joint Statement

                              Chinese University Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California (CUAAASC)

                             Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC)

                        Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Southern California Chapter (COAA-SCC)

      Statement regarding the recent anti-Asian hate crimes

The Asian American community was shocked as six of the eight innocent people brutally killed in the Atlanta shootings were of Asian descent. We have all seen a 70 year old Asian man get killed after being pushed down on the street; and we have seen Asian elders get beaten and punched in broad daylight.  Those crimes were among nearly 4,000 anti-Asian hate incidents perpetrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently Asian Americans have been increasingly attacked and harassed. The sharp increase in Asian hate crimes raise alarms for both Asian American communities and the nation as a whole. There is both visible and invisible discrimination against people of Asian heritage.

CUAAASC, CESASC and COAA-SCC, We three organizations will not tolerate crime, racism or xenophobia in action or in language targeting Asians in America. These crimes, and other acts of hate and bias, have no place in our community. 

In light of what happened this week and throughout this past year, we must take immediate action to fight back. We want to emphasize that a criminal act against Asians, because of their ethnicity or national origin, is a hate crime. We urge members of our community to report hate-based crimes to law enforcement, to disclose hate-based incidents to the media and to communicate with civil rights associations so as to protect ourselves and prevent future incidents against all minorities including African, Asian and Hispanic Americans, etc.

We thank the mainstream media, the federal and state law enforcement agencies and mainstream organizations for their overwhelming support of Asian American Communities. In addressing a recent anti-Asian hate crime, President Biden declared that “It is wrong, it is un-American and it must stop.”


Introduction of three organizations:

CUAAASC: The Chinese University Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California, representing 65-member alumni associations and over 50,000 alumni in Southern California. Welcome to CUAAASC

CESASC: The Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California Founded in 1962, CESASC is one of the largest and most prestigious Chinese American professional organizations in Southern California. CESASC | Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California

COAA-SCC: It is the Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Southern California Chapter, COAA is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to facilitate networking among oceanic and atmospheric professionals, promote interests and professional excellence, and provide technical exchange and career opportunities. https://coaascc.wordpress.com/


March 18th 2021














CUAAASC: 南加州中华高校校友会联盟,包括南加地区65家中华高校校友会单位,有超过50,000名校友成员。Welcome to CUAAASC

CESASC: 南加州中华科工学会,成立于1962年,是南加地区最大、最知名的专业社团之一。南加州中华科工学会CESASC | Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California

COAA-SCC: 美华海洋大气学会南加分会,隶属于美华海洋大气学会,该学会成立于1993年,致力于促进海洋与大气研究领域的专业人员交流、分享与职业发展。




Web Story

  1. “Song-Zhu-Mei” Annual Scholarship 2019”松竹梅”奖学金

Founded by Alumni Associations of Beijing University, Tsinghua University and Chiao Tung University,  the 3 universities abbreviated as “Song-Zhu-Mei”, the Song-Zhu-Mei Scholarship was set to encourage the next generation to study Chinese cultural and serve local Chinese-American community for the long run.  Since 2013, the Song-Zhu-Mei Scholarship has been awarded annually. In 2019, the CUAAASC hosted and sponsored the scholarship.  The Scholarship was awarded to 39 recipients among 70 applicants in elementary school, middle school, and high school groups.  The selection criteria included academic merit, physical exercises participation, artistic merit, Chinese cultural aspect, and community service.  Every scholarship awardee has his/her stories.  The first prize winner was Benjiamin Liu (刘江南) (12th grade), who had been accepted by Harvard, MIT, and Stanford universities at the time of scholarship awarding.












Group photo with all scholarship winners.


   2. CUAAASC Fundraising for City of Irvine Police Academy (2019)尔湾警局筹款

To participate in local community service, the 2019 Board of Directors initiated fundraising for the City of Irvine Police Department.  The fundraising activities started in November and climaxed at the CUAAASC Annual Convention in December 2019.  During the month-long fundraising efforts, CUAAASC members donated money generously.  The money, a total amount of $4885, is presented to the City during the regular City Council meeting.  The fund raised will be used to support City of Irvine Police Department, police academy for young police officer training program (Irvine Police Explorers Program).


Irvine Police Department Lieutenant Kyle Oldoerp presents the Department Explorers Program.

  3. CUAAASC “Song-Zhu-Mei” Annual Picnic Festival”松竹梅”野餐会

On October 13, 2019, the CUAAASC 18th“Song-Zhu-Mei” Annual Picnic Festival was held in Whittier, Los Angeles.  A total of 1,300 alumni and family members from 50 university alumni associations attended this event.  The Festival offered not only Chinese food fest, but also entertainment performance and volleyball and tug of war competitions.  The US Congress assembly member, Dr. Judy Chu, the first Chinese woman serving in US Congress, attended the opening ceremony and presented a certificate of appreciation to CUAAASC.

2019 Song-Zhu-Mei Picnic Festival group photo.


US Congress Woman Dr. Judy Chu (middle) presents certificate to CUAAASC president Kent Qiu (right)


  4. CUAAASC Members Participated in Local Election高校联盟成员参加地方议会竟选

Dr. Lee Sun(孙立清), Former Vice Chair of CUAAASC Board of Directors, President of ECUST Alumni Association, ran election for Irvine City Council in 2018, the first CUAAASC member to participate in political election. Although not elected, Dr. Sun was appointed by the City Council as a member of Irvine City Investment Advisory Committee to continue service to the local community.


Dr. Lee Sun.


In 2020, Mr. Tony Ding(丁言喻), Former president of ChiaoTung University Alumni Association of Southern California , ran for San Gabriel City Council.  Before the election, Mr. Ding served on the City Political Committee.  Mr. Ding is another CUAAASC member to run for the political office.  CUAAASC actively participates in local community activities include politics.  We all are proud of both Dr. Sun and Mr. Ding representing CUAAASC in political arena.


Mr. Tony Ding (5th from left in front row) with supporting group from CUAAASC.


  5. CUAAASC Member Lays Eye on the Broadway

Mr. James Chiao(乔欣),  an alumnus of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and a member of CUAAASC, is producing an opera called “Tenor by Night”, which is scheduled to debut in Southern California, and hopes to move on to the Broadway.



Mr. James Chiao (Left1-last row) with cast members.


  6. CUAAASC members initiated with “Angel – We Care” donation program to donate medical equipment to local hospitals and medical professionals

Starting on late March, when the situation of COVID-19 was getting worse in California, CUAAASC initiated the “Angel – We Care” donation campaign for local hospitals and medical professionals. Donations have been coming from not only alumni from each member alumni association, but also from other social sectors
like non-profit foundations and private funds. Some of the donations are also given to hospitals in New York. As of early April, about $177,000 worth equipment has been donated to about 70 hospitals, clinics, other medical facilities, and professional organizations fighting the pandemic in the frontline. This activity also gives us a chance to thank those professionals serving us and our community.

Pictured doctors and medical professionals of Kaiser Permanente Downey
Hospital Organization, Huntington Hospital, and Children Hospital Los Angeles
receiving CUAAASC donations of medical equipment.

CUAAASC donation items being presented to UCLA Hospital and USC Hospital

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